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EVILNOX - Upcoming Album Details Revealed, New Song Streaming Online

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Russian one-man band Evilnox will release new album entitled Nightime Birds Awoke The Dead at the end of the month. Album will be released in digital format and it will be available for free. Album is based on medieval folklore, unholy rituals, dark beauty of nature and personal philosophy. Evilnox's music is labeled as blackened darkwave/ritual ambient. Their previously released album Age Of Blood And Fire can still be downloaded from HERE. Tracklisting and cover artwork of upcoming album can be checked below. You can already listen to one new song "Pagan Altar" on the YouTube player.  Link

01. A Premonition
02. Way To Oblivion
03. Underground Ceremony
04. Pagan Altar
05. Into The Lands Of Eternal Spring
06. Dead Sleeping Forest
07. Nighttime Birds Awoke The Dead
08. Frozen Memories Of My Life
09. Winds Of Freedom