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SUCHTHAUS - Niklas Kvarforth Guest On New Album And Video

Niklas Kvarforth (Shining) will contribute with guest vocals on SuchThauS sophomore album on one of the new tracks, which also showcases a performance by SuchThauS drummer Hellhammer (Mayhem). SuchThauS new album will be entitled Motorbrain and will continue the tradition of bands debut The Dark Side And The Bright Side, released in 2011. To try and classify SuchThauS’ music is virtually impossible, since the musicians concerned work in a completely unstructured way, drawing on their mood at the time to take the ideas for each track forward, rather than writing set pieces.
Mastermind Spacebrain commented: "Motorbrain will be totally different from our debut, The Dark Side And The Bright Side, as this time we will be making a pure metal album, but one that focuses on different nuances within the genre. Let’s just say that when we had a band meeting recently we concluded that we’d better hurry up and finish this album because the darker material was not good for our mental health!" Along with Spacebrain on vocals and bass, and Hellhammer on drums, SuchThauS lineup includes co-founder Fruen on vocals and guitars, Ingvar on guitars and AD/HD on bass.
Explaining how his unexpected contribution to Motorbrain came about Niklas Kvarforth said: "Last weekend, Hoest (Taake) and I were on our way to a studio outside Oslo to do some recording for a project we’re both involved in. We did however have a few hours to kill in the capital before catching our train and ended up meeting some old friends of ours - an evening which unexpectedly resulted in additional recordings in the living room of former Skitliv bassist Spacebrain for his upcoming SuchThauS album. Spacey filmed some of it, which kinda bothered me at first, but for him… I owe him way more than that. Looking forward to hearing the result."
Since Spacebrain likes to “visualise” the band’s music as well, a video for the track, which is titled "Walls Of Berlin", was filmed on the spur of the moment, and can be seen below. Link

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