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ABIGOR - Silenius To Record Vocals For Upcoming Album

Summoning's Silenius will record vocals for the new Abigor album! Here's the official statement by TT on behalf of Abigor: "We could hereby proudly announce a very special colaboration. Between his wintery wanderings on the snowcovered austrian mountains, out of the shadows of Mordor and in midst of the fiery circle steps Silenius, to record the vocals for the new Abigor album. To clarify, he is not THE new Abigor vocalist or permanent member, which makes this one-off event even more special and singular. One could ask how Silenius´ solitary character fits into the ranks of Abigor´s satanic fraternity again, and this could be answered with the strength of his performances: while Abigor´s musical and lyrical approach has been intellectual sometimes or outspokenly primitive the other, Silenius has in the past proven his approach is intuitive, and this has given Verwüstung its most powerful screams, Opus IV its eerily wide range, or Apokalypse its obscure whispers. As true artist he could empty himself and let his vessel be filled with the forces that are summoned. What has been hinted at on Supreme Immortal Art will be unleashed and fully accomplished on Leytmotif Luzifer. Just that he will step out of the circle and into obscurity again after these 7 temptations."
Release date of Leytmotif Luzifer is not yet revealed, but they said that Leytmotif Luzifer will not contain any synthetic element, the guitars and bass left completely dry and untouched. No effect edits or effects (except EQ) at all were used for strings, as the 7 songs of the album demanded this direct and natural sonic form. Ablum will be released by Avantgarde Music. Beside doing vocals for Abigor, Silenius did session vocals for a song for the new Amestigon album Thier. Further news about this release will follow later this year. Link