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Random album

GOD OF ATHEISTS – Debut Album In Full Process

Have you heard about the super group God Of Atheists already? Founded in 2008 by Asegeir Mickelson, Norwegian musician, musical journalist and photographer (who has previously worked with great names of the Scandinavian metal scene, such as Ihsahn, Borknagar and ICS Vortex), this project will definitely bring some fresh sound to the metal scene. Now as the songs are finally getting its last shape, more details are coming in about the upcoming debut. In this conglomerate of metal super stars Mickelson has joined forces with well-established musicians such as Ihsahn (Ihsahn, Emperor) on keyboards, former soprano vocalist of Tristania,Vibeke Stene, drummer Trym Torson, known for his work with Emperor and Enslaved and vocalist ICS Vortex, who establishes himself in bands such as Borknagar, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir ans his very own ICS Vortex. The solo guitar shredding will be the work of guitarist Carl August Tidemann, who previously proved himself by working with Arcturus and Wind for example, Lars K. Norberg from Spiritual Architect, will be the man behind the bass, and we will see and hear Sareeta on violin. With all these excellent musicians working on one project, we expect nothing but brilliancy. New work is already in process, as the instruments and Vibeke's vocals have been recorded already in the past year, and as soon as ICS Vortex finishes with Arcturus (we wrote about it HERE), he will lay vocals as well. The band has not signed with any label yet and hadn’t set an official date about the release yet, but the teasers keep coming in. Intrigued what they will be delivering? Check the video below and hear for yourself. Link