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MADDER MORTEM – New Work In Process

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Do you remember the female fronted Norwegian metallers Madder Mortem? It has been 5 years since their latest album, Eight Ways, was released and not much news came from the band ever since. But fans of the band haven't forgotten them and as the band seemingly got enough questions whether they are still active or not, they released a statement on their website, saying: ''We've received a lot of worried messages lately, asking if we're still active? Just a quick message to let you all know we're still very much alive. More than that. Our next album is all recorded and done with, except for mixing and mastering and we're also rehearsing with a new guitarist. So things are shaping up for the fall of 2014 and for the future. On Friday July 11th we're playing at the festival Livestock at Alvdal in rural Norway.'' Not many details have been revealed about the forthcoming release so far, so stay tuned. Link