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VANHELGA - Title Track From Upcoming Mini Album Available For Streaming

Swedish band Vanhelga who with a lineup that can lay claim to a considerable pedigree in the form of founder J. Ottosson, aka 145188 (ex-Lifelover (live session musician), ex-Skogstron) on bass, guitars and vocals, J. Gabrielson (Eskapi, ex-Lifelover) on vocals, J. Ejnarsson (Taketh), Wadström (ex-Skogstron) on guitars and D. Franzén on drums. Depressive black metallers Vanhelga are going through a particularly prolific phase at the moment, with the mini digi album LPT coming up hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed third full-length album Längtan.
As 145188 explains, this was not an album that was planned, but rather one that resulted from a particularly black period he recently went through. "This creation is the result of me being hospitalized for a long period of time under a Swedish law called "LPT" - hence the name of the album itself. I had no freedom at all and the only thing present day in and day out was abject misery and silence. I was, however, lucky enough to have been given access to a laptop and I was therefore able to create all the lyrics, music and artwork for LPT during this period of isolation. All I can say is this; if you want to get a feeling of the anxiety, misery, depression and pain that comes from being locked inside a psychiatric ward, then listen to this piece of art." LPT will be available as a digital release through Bandcamp on the 25th July, and in the meantime the band previewed the title track "LPT" which can be heard below.
Additionally, the eerily simple bonus track "Descending Into Darkness", which was composed and played on a piano, the only instrument 145188 had access to during his hospitalisation, and recorded on  his mobile phone in the room where the priests minister the last rights, can be heard at this location. Link