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CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA - New Video Premiered Online

Christine Plays ViolaItalian darkwave/gothic rockers Christine Plays Viola have premiered today a brand new video clip for the track "Slaughter Of The Black Sun". The song is extracted from their new album Vacua, released in May by the German label Cold Insanity Music (read a review over HERE). As the band explains: "The starting point is trying to translate into music the evocative and harrowing journey made in the darkest depths of the soul from the great Spanish painter Francisco Goya in his “Black Paintings”. The theme of the passage of time, in what is perhaps the most representative of the entire painting cycle, Saturn devouring his children, which was represented in the figure of a wild-eyed man in the throes of a destructive fury that devours and destroys his creatures : a vision of death and madness, obscene destructive fury, an icon of transgression."
The video was directed by Mauro John Capece and the actors are Flavio Sciolè, Corinna Coroneo, Gabriele Silvestrini. It rewrites this theme which here is stripped of all transgressive and destructive elements to leave room for interpretation, however, surreal and dramatic: it speaks of two wandering souls (Corinna Coroneo – Gabriele Silvestrini) forced to wander for 'eternity looking for who the time inexorably took them forever; consumed the bitter vengeance of the children who travel back in time to return from their executioner, Saturn (Flavio Sciolè), which despite appearing dazed and lifeless, it ends up triumphing again. A sneer is the final seal of this unequal battle. Enjoy in this amazing and very interesting video clip below. Link

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