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KING OF ASGARD – Premiere New Video

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The Swedish Viking black metal band King Of Asgard premiered a new video for the song "The Runes Of Hell" from their latest release Karg. The video was directed by Rickard Moneus and the band commented the clip by saying:" "The Runes of Hel" was shot at the location of Vadstena Castle, inside one out of four circular cannon turrets. Vadstena Castle is a former Royal Castle and fortress built by King Gustav I of Sweden (Gustav Vasa) in 1545. Vadstena being the city where both Karl and Jonas were born and forged. Somewhat the perfect place for a video to be shot. Thus, one night in May, the key to the city of Vadstena was lent to King of Asgard. A long and late evening, in authentic setting with history's rugged wing beats embracing. Breathing the past and standing on undisturbed soil among ghouls and phantoms. A location harsh, barren and cold as carved for the finalization of "The Runes of Hel"! As in customary and traditional arrangement Rickard Monéus (, our true companion in arms, handled the photography and the completion of this piece. Assisted by our fellow thrall Petter Fredriksson. Lean back and soak yourselves, as we present to thee; 'The Runes of Hel'!" Intrigued? Just watch the video in our Youtube player below. Link