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FROSTBITE - Announces New Album For September Release

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Frostbite, a solo project of Atlanta (USA) based musician Christopher Lee Compton who has been involved in gothic rock/metal scene for more than two decades as a writer, composer, producer and performer, is about to release its sophomore album entitled Everything That I Crave on 18th September in Europe and on 28th October in North America through Crysella Records. Following the spectacular reception of 2011's debut album, Valentine And Other Stories Of Hope, Frostbite spent nearly two years carefully crafting Everything That I Crave, a dark journey through the forbidden forest that is Christopher Lee Compton's psyche. Musically, Frostbite has both polished and expanded on the soundscape created with the mournful "Valentine" and epic "Yet Another Stain". All the while retaining the uniquely brilliant movements and thought provoking subject matter which gives Frostbite it's dark and foreboding feel. Critics and fans alike have been mesmerized by the Frostbite sound, comparing Compton's vocal performances to everyone from Carl McCoy (Fields Of The Nephilim) to Geoff Tate (Queensryche). Tracklisting, cover artwork and an excerpt of the track "The Name Of Blasphemy" are below. Link

Everything That I Crave tracklist:
01. Nightmare
02. The Name Of Blasphemy
03. Lullaby
04. Reach Out (Frostbite)
05. Everything I Crave
06. Until Your Tears
07. Lies
08. Afterlife Mine
09. Death Of A Friend
10. Venus In Furs