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PARADISE LOST - Gregor Mackintosh Says There's No Money In The Music Industry

In this new internet era the music industry suffers a lot and is bleediding more money than it can retain, mostly because of the piracy on the web. Gregor Mackintosh, Paradise Lost guitarist talks about this stuff and even goes a few steps further saying due to this lack of money in the entire industry, promotion for albums is even worse now than it has ever been, tour support isn't that great and selling albums is just a huge pain in the ass, so many musicians and people working in the music industry have to do extra jobs. His take on the digital age, while short, is pretty interesting as well. In a recent interview he did for The Metal Road Channel he says: "It's kind of killed it a little bit, because there is no money for the industry. I don't mean for the bands — I mean, just in the industry, there's no money — so there's not as much for tour support, things like that, or promotion, so everyone kind of has to do extra things which you wouldn't normally want to do. Even just like the packaging of an album, you have to do 20 different formats just to try to sell it to people. It leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. We started in the music scene when it was more honest, shall we say?! But, I mean, there's plus points to the way it is now. People get to hear things faster, people get to promote things instantly. We don't have to rehearse as much, 'cause we just send each other things over the Internet." Check out the video interview below, where he talks about that but as well about some other things, like about the new album. It's interesting, worth watching. Link

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