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PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1. - Announces A Release Of EP With Niklas Kvarforth From Shining On Vocals

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Greek dark electro act PreEmptive Strike 0.1. will release lately this month an EP entitled Pierce Their Husk through Odium Records's dark ambient/industrial sub-label Sonic Hell Records. Interesting thing is that Niklas Kvarforth from Shining is on vocals. Pierce Their Husk will be unleashed as 7" EP and digi pack with 5 bonus songs. The 7" includes collaborations with Niklas Kvarforth - the 2 shorter tracks are in the vein of Shining, recorded with real drums, and are exclusive to the 7". Remixers Skiltron NV101 are members of Enshadowed and Vulturine. The digipack includes 2 of the 4 tracks found on the 7" plus a collaboration with Norwegian metallers V28 (Vendluss), a remix by Nyne (industrial black metal project of Psy con Nyne - live guitars for Septicflesh), a collaboration with Lyfthrasyr, a German industrial black metal band with the participation of Aggreash and Nefastus (ex-Belphegor, ex-Debauchery, ex- Zombie Inc) and a remix by world class industrial metallers Vigilante. Link