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DEVILMENT – Third Part Of Official Interview Online, Jackass Star To Be Featured On Debut

Devilment, a new haunting ensemble fronted by Dani Filth (more information over HERE and also HERE) is not going to be the only star on the project's debut The Great And Secret Show, which is dated to be born in Halloween this year. For this occasion, Dani's friend and international superstar Brandon ''Bam'' Margera, whom you may know from the shows Jackass, Viva La Bam and also as a musician with his band Fuckface Unstoppable, stepped in. He will do some vocals on the cover of the classic song ''Beds Are Burning'' by Midnight Oil, which will be featured on the album. The always energetic Margera commented on the whole thing by saying: "Having known Dani for a while now, and having him sing onstage with me at my wedding in Iceland last year, when he asked me to be a part of a song Devilment were covering, I naturally jumped at the chance. The original track was awesome, this new interpretation of it is even better and I am just stoked to be a part of Dani's new band's stuff, which in all honesty fucking rocks like a muthafucking fuck!'' And well, Mr. Filth had something to say as well: "It was actually on my birthday last year when the idea came to me to cover this track, as for some strange reason I kept hearing it being played on the local radio station and subsequently, a few times when I breezed into petrol stations and food stores. I've always liked the song since hearing it in my teens, as I think it's very anthemic, and Cradle Of Filth have always been known for undertaking wacky songs and bastardising them to our own twisted ends, so with my birthday epiphany bursting upon me, I put the idea of covering the tune to the rest of the band... to a positive response. As for my good friend Bam Margera, I thought it would be cool for him to demonstrate his vocal prowess by returning a favour, for he'd had me sing with him (strangely enough, Anathema's "Sleepless") at his wedding ceremony in Iceland last year and I thought it a top notch way to get him back in style! He didn't require much persuasion... In all seriousness, it was a challenge and as a band we have given the track a slightly more psychotic edge, courtesy of pounding drums, hypnotic bass, industrial-esque guitars and a wicked keyboard melody lending it a John Carpenter/Tubular Bells 'Exorcist' vibe. Plus of course there's the vocals!" The third official interview is also available and you can watch it below. Link

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