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FINSTERFORST - Details About Upcoming Album Revealed

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Get ready for some "dark forest" metal! The Germans Finsterforst are set to release their new album Mach Dich Frei, a successor to 2012's album Rastlos, in January/February 2015 on Napalm Records. Finsterforst is a band that boldly crosses all boundaries of the pagan and folk metal genres, inviting the listener on a cinematic and epic journey. A monument full of nature and romanticism between wind, water, earth and bright burning fire. Mach Dich Frei will hit the stores on 23rd January in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, on 30th January in the rest of Europe and on 10th February in North America through Napalm Records. Tracklist and cover artwork (click on the picture to enlarge) are below. Link

Mach Dich Frei tracklist:
01. Abfahrt
02. Schicksals End'
03. Zeit für Hass
04. Im Auge des Sturms
05. Mach Dich Frei!
06. Mann gegen Mensch
07. Reise zum..
08. Finsterforst