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ENSHINE - Updates On The Forthcoming Album

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Atmospheric doom/death/gothic metallers Enshine who are working on the sophomore album, a successor to 2013's masterpiece Origin, have revealed some of the details about it. The album is at this very moment in the mixing process. Here's the update that the mastermid Jari Lindholm gave to us: "Well I can say a little bit about it, no title yet or so... but it will have 9 tracks, around 50 minutes playing time, slightly different line-up this time, I recorded the bass myself for example and the drums were recorded by a session drummer named Fredrik Widigs. There are 2 instrumental tracks and 2 that have clean vocals by both me and S├ębastien, other than the usual growls by S├ębastien of course." Album is expected to be released sometime at the end of the summer. Link