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NEAR EARTH ORBIT - Video Trailer Released

Near Earth Orbit, a mysterious new collaboration between two masters of goth rock, Artaud Seth (Merciful Nuns, Garden Of Delight) and Ashley Dayour (Whispers In The Shadow, The Devil &The Universe, Coma Divine,...), have released a video trailer of something that has yet to come, "End Of All Existence". This is what the two occultists stated about it: "This is a digital radio broadcast from the year 2034. We have managed to build a time lapse feedback device which we can use to send a simple audio signal back to the past. Video signal of any kind is impossible to broadcast with our technology. We cannot be sure if this signal ever reaches the early 21st century. If this frequency reaches your time, we are all dead. Please inform politicians and your policymakers about the coming threat to change the future. Otherwise there will be no civilisation left! Please prevent the invasion. We truly hope that your actions will cause a change in your time. We’re not meant to save this world. We’re meant to leave it." Link

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