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KOMMUNITY FK - Details About The Forthcoming Album Unveiled

The legendary deathrock/post-punk/goth act Kommunity FK who'll release on 8th June their long anticipated new album entitled Thee Image & Thee Myth via Crysella Records just revealed the details about it. From the album’s intro to it’s outro (an instrumental solo acoustic 12 string guitar piece that the bands founder and mastermind Patrik Mata composed when he was only 19 years old and never ever released until now on this particular album), to the songs with such titles as “Dumb FK”, “Numb Nutz”, “FKing Death Dealerz”, “With One Star In Sight” , to name but just a few, will keep the listener wanting to hear them again and again. Then, there’s the hallucinatory Crowleyean track, “Doll Ov Thee Undead”. This composition will mesmerize the listener with it’s incredible mix and production designed by Patrik Mata to be heard through headphones in order for the listener to grok and absorb his deliberate mix and subliminal nuances. If you want to know more about this truly legendary band than please read the interview we did with Patrik over HERE. Tracklist and cover artwork are below. Link

Thee Image & Thee Myth tracklist:
01. She's Ov Mystery Echoes (Intro Theme)
02. Dumb FK
03. Numb Nutz
04. FKing Death Dealerz
05. Dreamz For A Better World
06. Doll Ov Thee Undead
07. Thee New Tribe
08. Thee Silver Star
09. With One Star In Sight
10. She's Ov Mystery Echoes (Outro Theme)