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DEMON LUNG - New Album Set For June Release Via Candlelight Records

Candlelight Records confirms the 16th June as the release date for A Dracula, the second full-length album from Las Vegas-based doom metal band, Demon Lung. Produced by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, High On Fire, Eyehategod etc.), the album will be available for preorder via Amazon, iTunes and physical retailers beginning on 26th May and is already available for preorder now via Candlelight's official web store and Bandcamp. In mid-December, Demon Lung began their second pilgrimage to Oregon to work with Anderson. At the journey's conclusion, eight dark hymns became A Dracula's storyline. Using Juan López Moctezuma's 1977 horror film, Alucarda, as the album's muse, the audio is packaged with unique original art by illustrator Joshua Foster (Pallbearer). Drummer Jeremy Brenton notes: "When we started the writing process, we happened to be deep into an Alucarda obsession. Vocalist Shanda Fredrick sat down and made an outline for her take on the film and we all started crafting songs to flow with it. Fitting the mood of each riff and melody with the narrative was challenging but it is the most satisfying way for us to write."
Fredrick adds: "Alucarda is a more relatable story for me than our last album's subject matter; which made writing a lot more fun this time around. The heroine in this story is the daughter of Satan, who happens to fall in love with the purest of souls in the convent she resides. She coaxes this soul over to the dark, with only intentions of love but in doing so she dooms her to death by the hands of the nuns. The anger consumes her and she uses her dark powers to resurrect her love and together they kill the convent and then the world. So like I said... it's a lot more fun this time around." A Dracula comes nearly two years to the date from the successful release of the band's debut, 2013's The Hundredth Name. "While we naturally continued where we left off with The Hundredth Name," shares Brenton, "this album is definitely faster, definitely more epic. We spent twice as much time in the studio with Billy than we did last time and we had more time to experiment.  This was certainly the hardest we have ever worked on anything and we're very proud of the final product."
The band was formed in 2011 and self-released their EP, Pareidolia, in early 2012. The band joined the Candlelight roster and unleashed The Hundredth Name a year later. Demon Lung is Shanda Fredrick and Jeremy Brenton with guitarists Phil Burns and Brent Lynch and bassist Jason Lamb. Tour dates in support of A Dracula will be announced shortly. Tracklist and cover artwork of A Dracula are below. Link

A Dracula tracklist:
01. Rursumque Alucarda
02. Behold, The Daughter
03. I Am Haunted
04. Gypsy Cursem
05. Deny The Savior
06. Mark Of Jubilee
07. Rursumque Adracula
08. Raped By The Serpent