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METATRON OMEGA - Debut Album Out Soon, Track Available For Streaming

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Metatron Omega, the Serbian one-man esoteric/dark ambient act by Scorpio V will release on 14th July via Cryo Chamber the debut album entitled Gnosis Dei. The music on the album is inspired by a variety of Eastern/Western esoteric and religious traditions. Massive choir works paints a picture of dilapidated cathedrals crumbling under the pressure of time. Metatron Omega creates an atmosphere of wonder, mystery and spiritual power, inspiring the listener to embark on a medidative journey of self-discovery and universal wisdom-seeking. Sacred vocal work speaks of the path to enlightenment to a backdrop of textural field recordings and monestarial reverberations. Gnosis Dei was completely produced by Scorpio V, while the artwork and mastering was done by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri, Sabled Sun). Below you can give a listen to the track named "Eye Of Providence". Tracklist and cover artwork can be as well found below. Gnosis Dei is available for pre-orders at this location. Link

Gnosis Dei tracklist:
01. Apotheosis
02. Godhead Emanation
03. Eye Of Providence   
04. Ordo Draconis
05. Hierosgamos
06. Hypostasis
07. Transfiguration