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NEAR EARTH ORBIT – More Details About Upcoming Album Revealed

Near Earth Orbit, a project ran by two gothic masters Artaud Seth and Ashley Dayour, have already announced their new musical work Trans Neptunian Objects, will be out on 9th October via Solar Lodge, but have now given us a bit of a more intimate look into the new album. By their words, the new album is a part two of the interstellar opus about a post-apocalyptic scenario beyond the power of our imagination.  Imbued with a powerful sound, Trans Neptunian Objects picks up where End Of All Existence left off at the moment of the apocalypse's irruption: The Jovian Moon IO.  T.N.O. reveals unto us why the E.D.E.N. mission was discharged there and how it got there, the significance of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge and also which part a pre-human device buried deep in the desert sand has got to play in all of this. This film does not require a movie theatre.  It requires your intellect.  Near Earth Orbit delivers a complex blockbuster masterpiece with a perfect mixture of post-apocalypse, paranoia and fiction.  You can give the first song a listen over HERE and hear for yourself, what you're in for with Near Earth Orbit's next album. Link

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