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RAVENTALE - New Album Out In Few Days, Track Available For Streaming

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Lush, deep and moving music emerges once again from Ukraine. Following the footsteps of Drudkh, Khors and early Nokturnal Mortum, Raventale delivers its own brand of scintillating atmospheric black metal that's at once emotive and intriguing. On its seventh full length album, the band has delved into Indian and Tibetian philosophies, particularly the phenomenon of the dark goddess Kali. With songs revolving around the principles of Hinduism, the added mysterious quality coupled with the inherent underlying malice makes this a supremely potent affair. Atmosphere also comparable to Kampfar meets the mysticism of the East in probably a first of a kind attempt given the expression of the music. Raventale has outdone itself - this album never loses appeal and you are forced, as if by an supernatural force, to keep coming back to it for worship.
Album entitled Dark Substance Of Dharma will be released on 5th October via Solitude Productions/BadMoodMan Music. In the player below you can give a listen to the track "Destroying The Seeds Of Karma". Link