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KULT OF RED PYRAMID - Postpones All Of The Planned Releases

Croatian crossgenre gothsters Kult Of Red Pyramid announced that they will postpone all the releases that were meant to be released this year. So, here's the official statement by the band: "Ivan Rogar and Josip Facković do have something to say about the contemporary life, with their "KORP" alter-ego being more contemporary than ever. Perhaps too much for it's own good, in a manner of speaking. Being more out than `in` - in every meaning of that word, the times have been harsh and the tides are high. Everything considering record releases is stopped, because we think that the time is not right for releasing anything at all - for multiple reasons, the very obvious ones and some less obvious ones... We have experimented with new band stuff, e.g. doing "real" songs with "real" instruments this year, but that didn't really budge 'cause it's hard to get rid of the old KORP grudge (hell, it rhymes). When I say grudge, I mean people expecting us to do music like Void.Inject or Void Zero stuff. Not gonna happen. Also, you might have noticed the drastic changes here on the page if you've visited it."
They continue, "but not everything is dark, dear reader... so read on! So, one more year coming to an end , with a pagan holiday right at the door. This whole year was difficult, more than usual, with more downfalls than ever. But, in this moment, we can see this crystal clear: IF we do another album, which is possible, 'cause we are impulsive - but not for our own good - it'll be easy in a way, clear. Like someone removed a veil from your eyes. All this time we were lamenting and talking in hidden meanings and riddles - that'll change and it'll be much easier singing about the core inspiration of all these themes and ideas - whose origins are based of basically being trapped and perpetually running through the circle of contemporary life. That struggle was always there, like a spasm, even if people sometimes thought we were talking about totally different things - we were talking about exactly that. So, considering that, our next record would be called Prisoners. Because we don't need epic record names anymore. Kult Of Red Pyramid will postpone everything for the sake of releasing a minimally double to triple album in 2016. If triple, it should also include all of Hunter Niven and newer guitar-oriented music - besides the long awaited Ominous and the announced Prisoners album/EP. If we go, we'll go with a bang."
The band recently released a lyric video for the new track named "Dormant Tears" and you must check it below. Link

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