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CELESTIAL DIRGE - Debut Album Out Now, Track Available For Streaming

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Celestial Dirge, the mysterious ambient/drone/coldwave black metal act has emerged from the depths of North America to take you into an astral journey through the arcanes of life, death, time and space. An entity born to generate a definite bliss, a meditation within the disintegration. Today, on 9th November, after a debut EP released earlier this year, Celestial Dirge are back with Aeon Aether, their first full-lenght album. Going further into the experimentation of sounds and textures, the duo manages to create a unique atmosphere leading to a dark transcendance: evocations of spectral movements, distant echoes of a non-human infinity, eerie sounds from an astral cave. Aeon Aether is released through the French label Distant Voices and offers 50 minutes of ambient black metal melted with drone, cold wave and dark ambient to take you into the deepest mysteries of creation. In the player below you can give a listen to one of the tracks, "EXT.17". Link