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GRAVDAL - Announces New Album And New Line-Up, Rough Mix Of New Track Released

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Norwegian black metallers Gravdal are six years after the release of their second album, Torturmantra, making again some noise. In those years the band has undergone a few changes, with the previously announced departure of guitarist Specter, who left to concentrate on other projects, as well as vocalist Galge who quit the music business. Now Gravdal is back with a strong new line-up which, aside from founders Phobos (drums in Aeternus, live drummer in Gorgoroth) on guitars and backing vocals and Taakesjel on drums, the new line-up includes some heavy hitters in the form of Eld (Krakow, Aeternus) on bass and vocals and Saur (Dominanz) on guitars.
With the band currently hard at work on what will be their third full-length studio album, and with the new line-up due to hit the stage at Blastfest this week, Gravdal have released a rough mix of a track from the album. The track, titled "Domino" can be heard in the player below.
The album is currently being recorded at Mackwerk Recording in the band's hometown of Bergen, with producer Lord Bård at the helm. Other than to say that the album will be called Kadaverin and that the music is by Phobos and the lyrics by Phobos and Eld, no other details are available at the moment.  Phobos did, however, recently say: "With our second album, Torturmantra, we took a huge step forward, expanding the range of the band considerably, so rest assured that with Kadaverin we will be taking things even further."
Commenting on the new line-up Phobos had this to say: "Shortly after Specter announced he was leaving, Galge let us know that he would be quitting the music business. We didn't announce anything at the time because we wanted to have everything in place first, so we'd like to take the opportunity now to thank him for all his work and all the good times together. We are, however, extremely happy with the addition of Eld and Saur to the lineup, and more than excited about bringing the new lineup to Blastfest. They are musicians of the highest calibre who we have known on a personal and professional level for a long time, and there is no doubt that their input has brought a new vitality to Gravdal. The track we are debuting is very much a rough mix, but we wanted to give fans a taste of the new Gravdal, and with Blastfest coming up, we thought this would be a good time to do it." Link