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TERRA RELICTA - Announces First Compilation

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Terra Relicta is proud to announce that we will be starting to release compilations through Bandcamp! The first one will be Dark Ambient themed, and curated by Michael Barnett. We will be accepting submissions now through the end of June. If you have an exclusive track that you would like to be part of this compilation, please let us know!
We already have a fantastic line-up confirmed, but we are still happy to include some more! Some of the artists who have already sent in tracks include: Hymnambulae, Aegri Somnia, Jarl, Mystified, Ugasanie & Sacra Fern, Coph'antae Tryr, and SiJ. The album artwork will be contributed by the magnificently talented Karolina Urbaniak! Many of you will know her work from IRM and Jarl album covers, among many other projects.
We are really excited to announce this and hope to have a great compilation to share with all the fans and supporters of Terra Relicta and the dark ambient genre in general!
For further information on specifics please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.