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SEESAR - Soundtrack And Short Film Øxgerma Kathule

 After Years of Silent Screenings, Seesar’s Missing Soundtrack Is Reunited with Danish Filmmaker’s Abstract Lovecraft-Inspired Short! After many showings without audio of Madguten’s Lovecraft-influenced short film, Øxgerma Kathule, the work can now be seen as it was intended – with the original soundtrack composed and performed by dark ambient Mythos-inspired soundscape project Seesar. The score was intended to be performed live at a screening of Øxgerma Kathule at an event called Sakrament, hosted by ritual noise music label Sombre Soniks, and then later a recorded version of the soundtrack was expected to added to the film for use as a diagetic installation within the inaugural performances of gothic, immersive drama I, written and performed by Victoria Snaith’s Dread Falls Theatre, but according to Will Connor, the driving force behind Seesar, “due to legitimate logistical and technical reasons, the film was never shown with the soundtrack.”
Recently, Danish filmmaker Madguten and Priapus 23, owner and head engineer of Sombre Soniks Rekords and Studios gave Seesar and sister label Dagon Records the rights to reunite the footage with the soundtrack and make it available to view for free. Furthermore, Dagon Records has also released the soundtrack in full, which originally appeared on Sombre Soniks compilation Dark Ambient 07 in 2014, and the label has added a remixed and remastered version of the score as a bonus for Seesar fans.
The sounds created for the film were entirely made with a combination of traditional percussion, homemade instruments, and household items, such as bicycles, soda bottles, a metal wine rack, a large dinner tray, and rubbish bins. Connor has appeared on numerous Sombre Soniks releases, as well as worked with Dread Falls Theatre on many occasions, but Øxgerma Kathule is his first foray into working with Madguten on an abstract film, and the collaboration has since influenced the Seesar project to embrace more visual productions, including a self-made video for recently reissued track "Turning the Silver Key" (also out on Dagon Records). Link.