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THE HOLEUM - Inked A Record Deal With Lifeforce Records

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Spanish newcommers to the dark music scene, The Holeum, who were formed in 2014 by Paco Porcel (NahemaH, Demised), Pablo Egido (NahemaH, QuantumXperience, Anima et Persona), Miguel Fernández (Hela, Neptunian Sun) and Luis Albaladejo (Priest Of Dawn, Paradox), have signed a record deal with Lifeforce Records. The band wants to stretch the boundaries and to reinforce the emotional impression of what dark and weirdly music can be and achieve. Their music can be described as a mix between post-metal, dark ambient and drone. The band's debut album entitled Negative Abyss is set to be released on 23rd September on Lifeforce Records.
But, what is The Holeum? The Holeum is related to the dark matter that forms the black holes in the universe. The Holeum is not a black hole but the black holes are formed by The Holeum. "That is the idea where we extract our concept from, we are a sonic and cosmic vision of the sublime", comments the band. More news and album details coming soon. Link