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CRYO CHAMBER - New Terra Relicta Youtube Mix

Cryo Chamber released their latest Youtube mix and this time Michael Barnett from Terra Relicta did the mix. This mix was realized as a sort of post-apocalyptic nightmare that came true.
The first track "L'amour a Mort", by Flowers For Bodysnatchers, is kind of the end of the normal world, things become chaotic during "Tenebrous" by Apocryphos, before the protagonist takes his voyage (mental or physical). By the time we get to "Through The Gates" by Sabled Sun, our lost wanderer has begun to find clues into the past. Yet by the end of this mix, it seems as if bad has gone to worse on our planet, and the lost wanderer lies down for his final rest, likely stricken by radiation poisoning.
Of special note here is the brand new track "Prisoner's Sacrifice Facing Arcadia" by God Body Disconnect to be released next week on Locus Arcadia, a four person collaboration between Randal Collier-Ford, Flowers For Bodysnatchers, Council Of Nine and God Body Disconnect. This mix was inspired by the world they have created in their latest album, check back soon for a full review of Locus Arcadia. Link.

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