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Random album

NOCTILUCANT - New Album Released And Streaming In Full

Noctilucant releases their latest album Oblivion To You All. Noctilucant, known for their highly cinematic and post-apocalyptic debut Back To The Mud, has returned with the second full length Oblivion To You All, which features that same apocalyptic scenario and a few guest appearances to add variety and a more poignant human element to the project. The official blurb for Oblivion To You All states: "Oblivion To You All is the sixth release from dark ambient project, Noctilucant, and the proper continuation of the story started on, Back to the Mud. Oblivion To You All sees the world now sparsely populated, this is after the apocalypse, when many humans have fallen and those that remain standing are left to deal with a world that has changed into something else...".
Deep transitioning drones and a variety of field recordings give this album a really lively feel. The guest appearances add a special element to the album. Kara Phillips of Magma Dragon, who had also worked on Back To The Mud makes a return to the project. Steve Keiller of Rick And Steve's Fire For Effect lends his vocals to "Back Into The Hole". I would also be happy to mention that Michael Barnett of Fear-Modern-Man and also a main-contributor to Terra Relicta did vocals on the title track, "Oblivion To You All".
Check out this self-released, yet highly accomplished, work by Noctilucant and listen as the apocalypse unfolds before your mind's eye. Link.