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THEY CALLED HIM ZONE - Releases New Single And Announces New EP

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Rising from the dark and dangerous ashes of the recent Miami EP release, British darkwave/electro/indie act They Called Him Zone return with a new free download single and announce a fresh EP which will be landing later in 2016. Once again hatched from their basement studio in Bradford (UK), "Just Fall" is the latest offering and laced with psychedelic edged hypnotic dark wave grooves, electronic beats, raw melodies and the menacingly laid back vocals of They Called Him Zone creator Mik Davis. Described in imaginative terms by the artist - "Just Fall" is the equivalent of "having an acid trip in a locked box, in pure darkness whilst been fed Galaxy chocolate through a small mouth hole. Tasty yet constricting". The track, which appears on the forthcoming EP entitled Crow Swan Wolf, features the guitar mayhem of They Called Him Zone' new arrival and collaborator Steve Maloney (The Blood Divine/Vicious Cabaret). Steve describes the process of how the song evolved: "We shared a bottle of wine at Mik's one night and he played me the songs he had. It seemed we were moving along similar lines in terms of the sort of music we were interested in making - sultry electronica combined with chewed up modulated guitars. A couple of nights later we went down to his basement studio and laid some guitar on this cool track called "Just Fall"." Listen to "Just Fall" in the player below from where you have an option to download the track for free. Link