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MESARTHIM - Second Full Lenght Album Available For Streaming

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Australian cosmic/atmospheric/black metal duo, the web generated phenomenon Mesarthim will release this Saturday, 15th October, via Avantgarde Music their sophomore full-lenght album strangely entitled .- -... ... . -. -.-. . The names of both band members are still anonymous and hidden behind their pseudonyms. Mesarthim is one of those (not unusual today) cases of a band that independently release (digitally) an album on Bandcamp and becomes in a few months an incredible success. Mesarthim got more than 600 paid downloads in a matter of months, and the responses to their physical release announcement were simply freaking out! Mesarthim bless Space and Earth with a 2nd full length album after the Pillars mini album which was released in March this year. Their debut album Isolate was released independently in July 2015 and then re-released in January this year by Avantgarde Music. The new album is already available for full streaming and you can give it a listen in the player below. Link