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Random album

FEAR-MODERN-MAN - Releases New Dark Ambient Single

Fear-Modern-Man have released a new politically focused post-apocalyptic dark ambient single, "Illuminati Revelata". On the latest single, "Illuminati Revelata", Fear-Modern-Man dig deep into the rotten core of modern American politics. "Illuminati Revelata" is a revelation, a warning of the end times. As Donald Trump prepares to take the executive office as the most disliked American president ever, Fear-Modern-Man looks to reflect on the underlying corruption and cult-like underworld of the American political system. Lyrics and cover-art were done by Michael Barnett, vocals are Tammy Scalf, and the music itself was created by Daniel Barnett. Lyrics are found beneath the player. Link.

"Chaos awakens,
the land of the free
stifling its own ideals.
The rotten core has been showing its stress,
a welcome cataclysm over the shadows of the land.
Deep within these so called ideals:
greed, misery, destruction
mutilation of the very foundations,
this place will rot in hell.
Have they no guilt?
Have they no souls?
Foundations crumble, lives torn asunder,
a victim-less despair enshrouds our vision
the keeper of our minds has taught us well.
The serpent in disguise......"