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MONO INC. - Releases A Song In Collaboration With Tilo Wolff, Joachim Witt And Chris Harms

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Mono Inc. teamed up with Tilo Wolff (Lacrimosa, Snakeskin), Joachim Witt and Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost), and together they recorded a song named "Children Of The Dark".
What happened? The band was in the studio mixing the new album (Together Till The End - release date 13th January 2017). During this mixing process they determined that this song is actually a WE song. So they came up with the idea of starting a cooperation, not as much as band-aid in the 80s but with friends, with whom you can also sit together at the counter and philosophize and think about the scene in general.
Three scene stars from three generations were asked and everyone joined the project. In the end it was only logical to pick the this track as a a single, not least to give the song and the 3 guests a face, but also to spread the message of the track in audio and video. So, enjoy in the song and in the video below. Link