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NEUROTECH - Releases New Symphony, Available For Streaming

Like every year for Christmas holidays the Slovenian master of electronic/symphonic/atmospheric/metal music Neurotech releases something special for his loyal fan base, now the time is for a new stunning symphony called "The Veneration Symphony". With this fourth such a release, the four entirely instrumental symphonies cycle comes to an end. "The Elysian Symphony", "The Halcyon Symphony", "The Ophidian Symphony" and of course "The Veneration Symphony" will be released together as a special release on 27th December and available through Neurotech's Bandcamp page. With it you'll get an epic 66 minutes long journey of instrumental sympho-electronic metal. Give a listen to more than 17 minutes long "The Veneration Symphony" in the player below.
Neurotech's mastermind Wulf commented: "Since there is only a couple of days left before the whole Symphonies cycle comes to an end, I would like to share some words about the whole idea behind them. The initial idea for long instrumental pieces dates back to 2011. I’ve released Antagonist, did the last couple of shows with my live band at the time and realized that I really didn’t want to do that. I wanted to make music which was not restricted to be played live and to focus more on the atmosphere and electronic/symphonic aspects of music. So I wrote this long piece of music which was intented to be an instrumental at first, which ended up being "Blue Screen Planet" which came out in December 2011. "Blue Screen Planet" spawned an array of different genres I wanted to explore from new-age to purely ambient sounding stuff, to full on symphonic metal and electronic textures. Lots of experiments followed after that, the whole The Decipher Volumes project was two years of experimentation and trying out new things. With a lot more songs under my belt and feeling a bit more confident about the instrumental long song format came "The Elysian Symphony" (2013) which marked the first chapter of the Symphony cycle. I already knew this was not the only one, so I kept making them year after year. Looking back on all of them, they were one of the most difficult tracks ever made due to their complexity and length - but what matters most is the end result, which I’m very proud of. Remastering them into a single coherent album was also quite an undertaking - preserving their original character while trying to perfect them to be presentable as a single unit for aeons to come. To close the cycle in the most appropriate way is with the most elaborate Neurotech’s work to date - "The Veneration Symphony". A track which gave me numerous headaches but the final result represents the best fusion of electronic/symphonic and metal genre. What the future will bring is unknowable at the moment, but I’ll definitely keep on exploring further." Link

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