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FUNERAL TEARS - New Album Out In April, Track Streaming Online

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Russian funeral doom one man act Funeral Tears, a project of Nikolay Seredov (leader of bands like Стахановцы [Stakhanovite] and Taiga), will release on 13th April through Satanath Records the third album entitled Beyond The Horizon. Dark melodic music and lyrics convey the inner state of Nikolay at different periods of life, the struggle for spiritual balance, at war with himself for only purpose - to find his own eternal peace. With two grief-stricken full lengths and a split with Poyezd Rodina, Funeral Tears has made their place in the realm of underground funeral doom metal.
The third full-length of Funeral Tears, Beyond The Horizon is filled with the musician's thoughts about people - that we are who we are, with our doable or unrealizable dreams, with our own individual perception of the world and with our ideas about the future. The fact is we strive to be closer to the stars, but lose the Earth. The album is having all of the components that a classic funeral doom album should be tempered with: deep, desolated growls, alluring acoustic guitar transitions, drown oriented synthesizer parts, mournfully slow yet heavy riffs and tasteful yet dreary melodic guitar components. The album, clocking in at near an hour, creates the aura of getting buried into the grave of intense depression. Prepare to be crushed amongst the gloomy passages of six unadulterated funeral doom tracks. One of the tracks, "Dehiscing Emptiness", is available for your dark listening pleasures and you can hear it by clicking on play button in the player below. Link