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THE SARCOPHAGUS - New Album Out In April, Track Available For Streaming

Turkey's one of the earliest black metal band The Sarcophagus will release their new album entitled Beyond This World's Illusion on 4th April via Satanath Records in association with Death Portal Studio (USA), Fila Sophiae (Sweden) and Sphera Noctis Records (Brazil).
The Sarcophagus was formed by Burak Sümer in 1996. At the beginning of 1997, the band released the first demo Pagan Storm, which was followed by an EP Infernal Hordes Of The Ancient Times. Both of the releases are brilliant samples of classical melodic black metal. During that period the band partook in gigs and festivals. In 2009, Niklas Kvarforth from Shining and Ozan Yıldırım from Raven Woods joined the band and The Sarcophagus signed with Osmose Productions for 7" EP Hate Cult and debut album Towards The Eternal Chaos. The new style was a little bit away from the earlier melodic black metal materials. Thus, The Sarcophagus had become more aggressive with the participation of Niklas Kvarforth. Both of the releases from Osmose Productions saw the light of very positive responses from the audiences and critics.
A couple of years later, Niklas decided to quit from all his other side projects to focus on Shining. With this decision, Morkbeast from Russian black metal band Todestriebe joined the band as the new vocalist and then after 7 long years, The Sarcophagus recorded a new album called Beyond This World's Illusion in 2016 including 9 tracks to keep spreading the disease! The sophomore full length, interconnected with dark mysteries of the ancient earth, arrays the crafty aesthetics of second wave black metal and the ferocious raw atmosphere at the same time. With their bewitching dark melody driven black metal music, The Sarcophagus are ready to take you to the realm of the medieval darkness. Listen to the track named "Ain Sof" in the player below. Recommended to fans of Mörk Gryning, Dissection, Lord Belial, Setherial, Immortal and Emperor. Link