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CAOIMHÍN - Debut EP Out Now And Available For Streaming

Atmospheric black metallers Caoimhín, an international project split between the United States, UK and Norway, just released a two track EP entitled The Age Of Wolves via Swedish label Black Lion Records. Caoimhín, a music project formet to seek mirror of the unrelenting force and silent tranquility of the untouched wilderness. Formed by Kevin Pribulsky in 2016, inspiered by works of HP Lovecraft, old Norse poems and famous authors, Kevin set out to embark on his own musical journey which lead to the sound and feel of Caoimhín. After being almost burned out of writing post ambient black metal for his other band In Search Of... Kevin comments on the whole feel and vibe of Caoimhín and its orgin: "I just wanted darker sounds. Darker, darker, and darker still. Always chasing that perfect sound... But I also wanted natural "organic" music, and that is why the acoustic guitar and strings are so prominent in music."
With the mesmerizingly beautiful vocals of Cecille and stunning harsh vocals by Andrew Malone, Caoimhín really brings together all the componets you need to impress just about anyone who loves atmospheric black metal these days. Rooted in Norse mythology and haunted by a pervasive sorrow, The Age Of Wolves is a melodic journey through the ancient forests of the north. The first track, "Víðarr", is a powerful ode to the bravery of Óðinn's son. By killing the great wolf Fenrir, he avenges his father's death and sets the world on a new cycle of death and rebirth. Cecilie Langlie and Kjetil Ottersen's voices bring the song to new heights of beauty and depths of despair. The second track, "Níðhöggr", based on the evil serpent who feeds on the dead, is a reminder of the ferocity and sheer ruthlessness of the natural world. Cecilie and Kjetil's familiar voices also grace this track, but now Andrew Malone lends his voice - the scream of Yggdrasil as its roots are lacerated by the dragon's fangs. The full EP can be streamed or downloaded for free at Bandcamp. In the player below you can give a listen to more than 11 minutes long epic sonic journey "Níðhöggr". Previously released lyric video for the track "Víðarr" can be heard over HERE. Link