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THIS IS DARKNESS - New Colossal Dark Ambient Compilation Out Now

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Our friend, dark ambient expert and ex-Terra Relicta associate Michael Barnett, who's running now his own dark ambient website This Is Darkness, released a new colossal compilation titled This Is Darkness - Vol.1 Dark Ambient. The compilation consists of 66 tracks from some well established dartist, plus a lot of newcommers and yet unknown but very talented names. Some of the names that you can find participating on This Is Darkness - Vol.1 Dark Ambient are: Aseptic Void, Randal Collier-Ford, Treha Sektori, Ugasanie, Kammarheit, Monocube, Valanx, Aegri Somnia, Jarl, Cities Last Broadcast, Xerxes The Dark, Darkrad, Sun Through Eyelids, Enmarta, Taphephobia and much more. You can get the compilation as "name your price" digital download at this location, but as well you can give it a listen in the player below. 
Michael commented: "For this compilation I was looking for specifically dark ambient artists. The sub-genre or track themes didn't matter. The goal was to have a combination of well-known artists with newer up and coming artists. They were given the freedom to create any sort of track they wanted, any length, as long as it fell under the dark ambient banner. So there are artists like Asmorod, Vladimir Hirsch, Northaunt and Kammarheit who have all been around the industry for 15 years or longer. Then there are artists like Comadescent, Sun Through Eyelids and Breinskam that are comparatively much younger projects. Also some of the musicians decided to give several tracks, one from each of their varied projects, so Pär Boström contributed tracks by Kammarheit, Cities Last Broadcast and Altarmang. Xavier Hoshin provided tracks by Hoshin and Esylt, Jurica Santek had tracks from Aegri Somnia and Tertium Organum. I asked around about cover-art from various photographers and artists, but in the end I decided to use some of my own photography as the cover-art for the album. The compilation comes out to over seven hours of exclusive tracks and was released in the "name your price" format so that we would be able to get as many people as possible to hear the music. The main goal is to get dark ambient fans to download the compilation because they like one or another artist, but in the process we hope they will find many new artists to follow, which they may have not known about previously. This can work in both directions, as younger listeners may not know about the likes of Asmorod while listeners from back in the Cold Meat Industry days might have never heard of Monocube, for example. The "name your price" format is great because fans with some extra dispensable income are able to support This Is Darkness directly, while those of us that are always strapped for cash can still enjoy the music as well. This will be the first compilation of many. There will certainly be more dark ambient compilations in the future, but the next one will be focused on dungeon synth, while the one after that will likely feature death industrial artists. We are also looking at the possibility of doing some limited-run physical releases on cassette, which will feature a condensed version of the compilations." Link