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Random album


Five dark ambient artists, ProtoU, Ager Sonus, Dead Melodies, Aegri Somnia and Creation VI, have joined forces in a new collaborative album titled Tomb Of Druids. This is the third album in the Cryo Chamber's Tomb series, following Tomb Of Empires (2014) and earlier this year released Tomb Of Seers. The new album, Tomb Of Druids, delves deep into druidic history. The album will be released on 17th October by Cryo Chamber. Mastering was once again done by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri, Sabled Sun). 
What you'll hear and explore is the chant of the ceremony that swells beyond walls of wet stone. Your bare feet on red sand peak out of cloudy robes. Figures sway among the pillars of the stone circle. Their song spirals up towards the night sky. The stars move in pulsating patterns and combine to form the bird of light. It swoops down from it's celestial home to push it's claws into the red soil, it stares into your soul before it put it's head under it's wing and drowns in the sand. A tiny finger cymbal echo between the pillars as the voices die down. The figures are gone, only their empty robes left behind. You stand alone under a night sky drained of stars, pure black. Druidic chanting and deep walls of sound lends a cavernous atmosphere to Tomb Of Druids. Pre-orders are available at this location. In the player below you can hear the opener, the 12 minutes long cinematic dark ambient masterpiece by ProtoU named "Eyes Of The Shaman". Link

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