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THE FORESHADOWING - New Drummer Joins The Ranks

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Italian masters of melancholic gothic/doom metal The Foreshadowing have announced that their drummer Johan Padella who played drums on all three studio albums parted ways with the band because of personal reasons and the band wishes to him all the best. Band also revealed that the new man behind the drum kit will be nobody else but Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, Airlines Of Terror, Valkiria). Founder and guitarist Alex stated: "The choice of Giuseppe on drums was so natural in our eyes since he's a longtime friend and he produced our first two albums and travelled many times with us as sound engineer, growing up in parallel with the band as a sort of additional member! He will increase the level of the band with his precious experience and inner talent that everyone well knows. Welcome onboard mate!" Giuseppe commented: "I’m very happy to join The Foreshadowing. We know each other since long time, even before the foundation of the band and I’ve always considered them as good friends, great musicians and composers. I felt honored when they asked me to become their drummer because I always loved their music! I think it’s the result of passion and sacrifice and I think we will create good vibes together." Link