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DEATHLESS LEGACY - Release Video For The Track From Upcoming Album

"Dominus Inferi" is the first official video from Deathless Legacy's fourth album Rituals Of Black Magic. Italian horror/gothic metalheads Deathless Legacy will release the new album on 19th January 2018 via Scarlet Records. Highly marked with occult symbols and viewpoints, it represent a modern tribute of Alejandro Jodorowsky's "The Holy Mountain", and Kenneth Anger's "Lucifer Rising". It also visually represents Friedrich Nietzsche's moral idea of immorality proper of the Übermensch, and the journey a potential Übermensch has to face in order to actually become one.
The new video, "Dominus Inferi", which you can watch in the player below, depicts a girl who goes through a journey where she had to carry up on a mountain an heavy, human form load. The scenes of her labors alternate with those of a Yellow, hellish figure flanked by six black-masked ones. After having lost everything the girl used to know about her life and having discovered what she is carrying, she desperately runs, destroyed and in pain, with no more reference points. The Yellow figure and the six black ones help her finding her answers. She joins their self-decomposition by accepting her menstrual blood to be the sickening communion of the Yellow figure, who takes off the mask and drives her mad. She becomes "one of them", leaving every moral lessons of her past life behind her back.
"In Nomine Dominus Inferi" is not ancient Roman Latin, but a Medieval vernacular expression. It represents the voluntary distortion of the language of the Church of Rome that witches and warlocks used to fight back against their impositions, and horrible acts. It proudly represents the main core of the song, and it is meant to be that distinct. Link