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MOURNFUL CONGREGATION - New Album Out In March, First Track Available For Streaming

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Australia's stone pillar of funereal dirge, Mournful Congregation, will release on 23rd March a new double album entitled The Incubus Of Karma via Osmose Productions. Advancing its release, the massive 15 minutes long track named "Scripture Of Exaltation And Punishment" has been made available for streaming and you can hear it in the player below.
More than six years have passed since the release of Mournful Congregation's regal fourth full-length, The Book Of Kings. Since that time, the band made several trips to Europe and the US and released a mini-album Conrcrescence Of The Sophia, increasing their reputation as the pinnacle of extreme/funeral doom and one of the most influential bands in the entire genre.
An incredible 25 years into their existence, Mournful Congregation persists in refining and perfecting their immortal art on The Incubus Of Karma. Reaching innovative new heights, within the bounds they have created for themselves, the bounds in which a multitude of newer bands now draw from like a wellspring, Mournful Congregation cast a giant shadow, steadfastly towering over the landscape like a monolithic obelisk. Link