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MAJORVOICE & JOACHIM WITT - Release A Cover Of Falco's Hit "Jeanny"

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On Falcos 20th anniversary day of his death (6th February 1998), the opera bass singer MajorVoice made a collaboration with legendary singer Joachim Witt and publishes a wonderful new interpretation of the often discussed classic "Jeanny". This "hot iron" was produced by Mono Inc.'s mastermind Engler.
The very polarising and exceedingly successful song of Falco (during 22 weeks on 1st place of the single charts!) is now re-done in dreadful-nice manner. To a song which was discussed so controversially that some radio stations did not want to play it and it gave even initiatives to boycott completely the song, it was a matter of time of doing it justice. To fulfil this, MajorVoice and Joachim Witt did a collaborative cover of this evergreen song.
Witt takes over primarily the role-playing speech song of the stanzas which were interpreted by a lot of feeling. Then in the refrain carries in classical Falco manner the opera voice full of sound of MajorVoice which harmonises in graceful form complete with the Witts.
The two give with this song in wonderful way a tribute to their musical idol and have created at the same time a modern interpretation of "Jeanny" which does justice to everybody possibly claim and wants to be heard! Listen to "Jeanny" in the form of a lyric video in the player below. Link