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THE BLACK SORCERY - Debut Album Out In May, Two Tracks Available For Streaming

Canadian bestial black/death metallers The Black Sorcery will release their debut offering, And The Beast Spake Death From Above, at the end of the next month, exactly on 29th May through Krucyator Productions (tape and digitally) and Hammer of Damnation (CD). The Canadian war/black death metal entity's debut album consists of eight tracks that are severe and debilitating at the same time.
The Black Sorcery is a savage, despotic wall of bestial black/death hellfire crafted from the frozen tundra of Canada. Despite being a recently formed force, the members associated with The Black Sorcery are no strangers to each other, and most importantly, not a newcomer in the underworld of ravaging extreme metal. Sharing members from The Projectionist, Path To Extinction, Albanach Ar Dheis, Diabolus Amator and Thy Sepulchral Moon, the troop aims to deliver terrorizing sonic experience that is frost veined and furiously tempting at the same time. You can experience all this savagery by clicking play in the player below and listen to two for now unveiled tracks, "Ancient Dialects Of Wind" and "Traitor Bomb Threat". Link