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THE DANSE SOCIETY - New EP Out Soon, Details And Other Things Revealed

Three years after the release of their sixth album, VI, the UK's post-punk/gothic legends The Danse Society are returning on 28th April with a brand new three-track EP entitled Futur1st. On the same day the band will play a special electro/acoustic set at ‘Daymolition’ in Whitby (UK). On the show the band will also launch the first track from their new EP; a poignant version of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt" (famously covered by Johnny Cash). This will be performed to raise funds in aid of The Sophie Lancaster foundation creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities. This powerfully emotional tour-deforce brings a new feminine edge to the classic, particularly poignant in the wake of recent bullying and abuse revelations and the "Me Too" hashtag. The singer Maethelyiah has a few stories of her own to tell. As well on the same day the official video for "Hurt" will be unveiled on their YouTube channel.
This year sees the 35th anniversary of the seminal Heaven Is Waiting album and in true The Danse Society tradition the band continue to reinvent darkness as they have since 1980. Reformed in 2011, The Danse Society are currently near to completing their seventh studio album and preparing for upcoming live shows. Futur1st is a taste of what’s to come.
Futur1st was written last year towards the end of summer when Joss Rylance replaced Iain Hunter on drums. The EP was completed in March 2018. Bands singer Maethelyiah comments for our webmagazine: "We didn’t have a title from the start, we just let our creativity and imagination wandering unleashed and see what the new influence would bring. Unlike our previous tracks, we decided to see what the reaction of the public was before recording and not the other way around like we were used to do. The first track we wanted to explore deeply was "Hurt" (Nine Inch Nails, more known with Johnny Cash). We performed it live on a couple of occasions in Whitby and at Headlands Festival and the reaction was immense. I have adapted the lyrics for "Hurt" to my own universe. We recently shot the video right after my dad died, which is why there’s a dedication on the end titles. "Hurt" is an incredibly poignant song and I, as a survivor added a different female twist to it."
Maeth survived a horrific assault that nearly killed her in 1996 and left her with quite a few broken bones. Currently wearing the scars with pride, Maeth joined the #metoo hashtag and has been promoting awareness and support to victims of domestic violence. "Hurt" will be the first video introducing Futur1st and it will be released in support of The Sophie Lancaster foundation.
Maeth adds: “I deeply admire Sylvia’s hard work in memory of her daughter Sophie. Only someone with a huge heart could turn the most horrific and painful event of her life into a positive, constructive campaign to help preventing hate crime. Her whole team work tirelessly around the clock involving public structures giving hope for peace to the new generations. I strongly invite to support The Sophie Lancaster Foundation because every effort to promote a peaceful coexistence, especially amongst the younger generations couldn’t be needed more.”
"VI has been a huge bomb we want to keep flying high. One thought in heaven came second with the writing. Again we loved the reaction of our Dansers when we performed it live (that’s how we call our supporters)", Maeth says. "It is about the social decline we live in, where our souls get sucked by distractions, machines, media, social media and where communication rather than assemble its users splits them and isolates them to make them vulnerable, apathetic and docile. "Scream" had the easiest involvement live. We’ll never forget the crowd “dansing” to it. It’s a song that joins, gathers, celebrates the reconstruction after all is gone, the new wave of life after a calamity, a new breath of life after all seemed lost."
The crossover of technical influences in Futur1st emerges smoothly between the lines. Joss has been replaced by talented Tom Davenport on drums in March 2018. Maeth comments: "Both Joss and Iain are still close friends of the band and we will always be thankful for their magnificent contribution to our sound. The seventh and new album is in the making. We can’t anticipate the title yet."
Stay tuned for more updates and wait for 28th April when the band will unveil the video for their version of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt", will be worth all the waiting and you should be checking it out on this location. The original picture for the front cover artwork of Futur1st EP was done by Simon Muir and you can see it below. Link