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OUBLIETTE - Sophomore Album Out In July, Launch Extended Video Teaser

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Murfreesboro, Tennessee (USA) based melodic black metal/death metal outfit Oubliette is proud to officially announce the upcoming 13th July as the release date of their sophomore full-length, The Passage. The album will see release through The Artisan Era. The Passage was recorded and mixed by Oubliette's own Mike Low, with Anagnorisis member Zak Denham handling the album's mastering. The stunning cover art for the album was created by Justin Abraham who has done cover art for groups such as A Loathing Requiem, Aepoch, and Lecherous Nocturne.
Oubliette came to life in 2011 as a studio project started by husband and wife duo, Mike Low (Inferi) and Emily Low. Over time the group gained a full line-up and released their well-received debut album Apparitions in 2014. In the time since Apparitions was released, the group's line-up has been re-tooled and now features two members of well-known black/death outfit Enfold Darkness in their ranks. In total, The Passage features three guitarists, something uncommon in the world of black metal, but used to exceedingly powerful and dynamic effect here.
The Passage is a mournful yet often uplifting voyage into icy domains and fiery blazing storms that combines the best of what black metal and death metal has to offer into one multi-faceted package. The group's brand of melodic black metal incorporates ideas from all over the black metal spectrum, then fuses their core framework with a hefty dose of old-school melodic death metal inspired by early In Flames and others. Stay tuned for the launch of the album's first single which will see release on Tuesday, 22nd May. For now you can listen to an extended album teaser video for The Passage in the player below.
Oubliette guitarist Mike Low's statement regarding The Passage: "After four years since releasing Apparitions and several line-up changes, we are excited to finally unleash our second album, once again through our family in The Artisan Era. The Passage is a story of loss and grief, which comes to a tragic end. We are very proud of how everything turned out and feel like our sound and concept has been captured perfectly on the record." Link