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VĖLIŲ NAMAI - New Album Out Now And Available For Streaming In Full

Lithuania based ritualistic/pagan/dark/neo-folk/ambient act Vėlių Namai has now released a new album entitled Kúrir through the label Dangus. The man behind Vėlių Namai Julius Mite explains about the concept behind the album: "This album is about the Baltic Vikings (the Curonians), war, mists, solitude and spirits. It will ease your journey to the other side, especially since the period of “Vėlių laikas” is coming now!”
Curonians, or Kúrir in Old Norse, were fearless Baltic warriors that lived by the sea in what is now Lithuania and Latvia. This album is dedicated to them in the hopes of preserving their name and remembering their struggle. Vėlių Namai will show you the way to the tallest mountain and allow you to pay your respects to the souls of our ancestors and the Kúrir that dwell there. Let us be strengthened and inspired by them. The album was recorded in various locations through Lithuania, Czech Republic and Slovenia. The instruments used for the creation of this album were guitar, baglama, keyboard, jewish harp and ableton. The entire album is now available for streaming and you can hear it in the player below.
Vėlių Namai is a Lithuanian one-man band; a melancholic dark-folk project founded in 2006, in Prague. The music features themes coming from Baltic paganism, death, solitude, war and the spirit world. Vėlių Namai welcomes you to experience the darker side of nature and existence. Through the trails of the spirits, to feel the other world shrouded in mists and mysticism; to visit your home that lies beyond. The project is only performed in a ritualistic setting. The performance always includes smoke, video projections, ancient Baltic incense, candles, make-up/clothes and various old Baltic objects and symbols. Link