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JETON HOXHA - New Album Out Now And Available For Streaming In Full

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Jeton Hoxha, a musician from the Republic of Macedonia, has just released a new one-track album entitled Vowel. The track offers 45 minutes of hypnotic, deep and pure drone music, and was released by Eighth Tower Records.
Vowel was recorded live at Braka Miladinov (culture center), Struga, Macedonia in June 2018. The recording is mainly based on loopy electro-acoustic sound created by sources like field recordings, computer and synthesizer being processed through various filters, plug-ins and hardware signal processing. Through his pure drone music, worthy heir of Thomas Köner drone art, Jeton Hoxha considers the relationships between time, memory and context through the construction of an immersive sonic space. Vowel meditates on the inevitable progression of time and our distortion of the past through the imperfections of memory.
The album was mastered by Sonologyst and cover artwork was done by Black Space Industry. You can give a listen to the entire thing in the player below. Link