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Përl - R(a)ve (2013) - Review

Band: Përl
Album title: R(a)ve
Release date: 1 February 2013
Label: Self/Released (distr. Apathia Records)

01. Tidjan
02. Fusce Deliria
03. Insomnie
04. Parenthèse 56
05. Rêve…
06. …Rave
07. Fils de rien
08. Je songe

There is no secret that some of the most original releases in last couple of years come from France and guys from Apathia Records know how to find them, though this album is self-released and only distributed by before mentioned label. Përls music is special from many aspects and even if this is their debut album it shows one huge potential. To say it right away, this is not an easy music for those who like to get comfortable with the sounds coming into their ears, but rather an album that needs to have your full attention to be experienced in its fullest. And yes, we are again set to be launched into a turbulent journey with R(a)ve and its eight compositions.

This trio's most noticeable force is the singer, electric and folk guitarist Aline Boussaroque, which leads the listener through this journey. To tell you the truth I didn't understand a word from lyrics, because all texts are in French, but the expressive, emotional and diverse Alines vocals paint a colourful images that must play with your imagination. From calm, almost narrative to outbursting emotional sectors she sings great, like in for example amazing "Fils de rien", where all her qualities comes to light. Sometimes is almost like listening to some good old French chanson. Still I believe that her vocals will appeal mostly to fans of more alternative branches of rock music.

Përls music is very hard to describe, you have progressive rock elements, post hardcore, punk, ambient, dark, post rock, doom, jazz and even some crazy trip hop sectors, everything wrapped in a kind of avantgardish style. The music they produce can find its audience among those who like Portishead, Muse, The Mars Volta, but also fans of melancholic dark tunes from latest Katatonia will find something for themselves. There are so many tempo changes, groovy upbeats, the band takes the listener from one mood into another in an instant and they do it good, there is no time for rest. Songs lenght is around six minutes, the only exception is more than nine minutes long exceptional, melancholic, but also the easiest to absorb "...Rave", and the shortest one, ambiental acoustic and relaxing "Rêve...". This album contains some great rocking riffs and you must be careful not to miss out rare guitar leads. Not to mention sometimes very inovative and playful drumming.

Like I said before in the first paragraph this is very original release from many aspects. Songs have a nice flow and interesting compositions. Sometimes everything is almost too complex. My complaint goes also on sometimes too empty or unfullfiled sections and I suggest to the band that they could have easily replenish them with, for example, some synths. Production is another thing that doesn't really shine, though it keeps everything well balanced and offers kind of unique undergroundish scent. Just for information, album was mastered by magnus Lindberg courtesy of Cult Of Luna. I was amazed by great artwork that accompanies this product done by Pierre Vergeat (Oraku design). R(a)ve is just another album that shows how great French underground scene is and is always great to experience new things that it offers. I'm more than sure that Përl will amaze us again in the future as there is potential, talent and huge amount of energy that just screams out from this band. Meanwhile I strongly recommend this album to everyone who's searching for some authentic music.

Review written by: T.V.
Rating: 8/10