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Dusk - The Hermit (2021) - Review

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Band: Dusk
Album title: The Hermit
Release date: 1 January 2021
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Black Metal, Industrial Metal, Dark Ambient

01. Hermit I
02. Desolation I
03. Hermit II
04. Desolation II
05. Hermit III
06. Desolation III
07. Hermit IV
08. Desolation IV
09. Hermit V
10. Desolation V

On the first day of 2021, Dusk from Costa Rica released their second full-length album, The Hermit. Since its formation in 2016 Dusk has been dedicated to industrial black metal. I confess that from all black metal subgenres, the strangest for me is the industrial one. But I also believe that not giving the style a chance is pure ignorance. Redeeming myself from my crystallized stupidity, I decided to review The Hermit. For those who do not know this band from Costa Rica, their current line-up consists of Dusk (programing, synths), Pàlak (bass), Implacable (guitars) and Shaman (vocals).

In 2018 Dusk released Epoka, an album that I allowed myself to hear entirely. I found it very interesting within this cyber spectrum is a very structured album. My favourite tracks were "Demons Be Driven", "The Next Me" and "Dragged By The Shadows". But the album on the agenda now is The Hermit, a concept album, based on the current plague and our desperation to keep us mentally healthy (from what I understood). The Hermit consists of ten tracks, there's always a track "Hermit" followed by a track called "Desolation". This album is characterized by a mix of dark ambient (tracks "Desolation") and atmospheric industrial black metal (tracks "Hermit"), unlike its predecessor Epoka, which is undoubtedly more situated in pure industrial black metal, so to speak. The Hermit is a mix of enigmatic, sinister and scary atmosphere, distorted and screaming vocals, overlapping drums and a strong bass that resounds throughout the room.

The instrumental tracks ("Desolation") are short, comprising around two to three minutes. Pure dark ambient well loaded, suffocating, this is where we enter the enigmatic, scary, sometimes depressing atmosphere and a few touches of psychedelia. Speaking of the tracks ("Hermit"), the sound here is cruel, rough, overloaded, and abnormal, the atmospheric parts are a little cleaner, but even so, it is distressed. The band is strongly influenced by Aborym, Mysticum, Anaal Nathrakh, Blut Aus Nord and why not say Samael (of which they even shared the stage in Costa Rica in 2019).

For fans of this peculiar subgenre, this album is to be appreciated in its entirety, it becomes irrelevant to listen to a specific track, due to this reason, I will not be able to name a favourite track. The Hermit is a good industrial metal album if you are into the cyber stuff, you’ll like it.

The review was written by Felin Frost
Rating: 8/10