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Mesarthim - Vacuum Solution [EP] (2021) - Review

Band: Mesarthim
Album title: Vacuum Solution [EP]
Release date: 11 April 2021
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Electronic Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal, Trance

01. Vacuum Solution   
02. Matter And Energy
03. Heliocentric Orbit
04. A Manipulation Of Numbers
05. Absence

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Mesarthim. Its continuing mission to explore new soundscapes. You may find that a bit corny, but this was my first thought when this exceptional duo from Australia released a brand-new EP entitled Vacuum Solution. Mesarthim, consisting of mysterious ". and .", as they name themselves, is a musical sensation, which started as an atmospheric black metal formation but expanded the universe of creating a very distinctive sonic aesthetics. Inspired by themes of the universe and cosmic energies, the band is making its signature style by adding a lot more electronic features to its core, thus making an amazing amalgam of electronic music and black metal. They excel at depicting an incredibly impressive symbiosis of two worlds, colliding into a massive and enthralling new mélange of musical harmonies.

With Vacuum Solution, Mesarthim reinterpreted the genre of electronic black metal, as well as its style, as the sound on this newest creation has drifted quite a bit from Mesarthim's earlier works. Those were inclining more into atmospheric black metal and drawn the electronics in the vein of dungeon synth, adding piano tunes and momentarily put guitars on display, consequently picturing a more melancholic and gloomy atmosphere. With Vacuum Solution, the sound is heavier on electronics; but what makes it so unique is that this is not merely a fusion between two different genres but a perfect equilibration of spellbound sound waves. The songs are dense in the atmosphere and have so many layers - if we were to take apart the synth-wave infused electronic melodies and black metal of every track, we could get two amazing songs out of each one.

The eponymous opening track has no brakes and simply displays what Mesarthim is all about. The electronic part of it flows somewhere in-between trance music and 80s synthpop vibes, while the black metal part of it is so primordial, with the traditional gloomy black metal ambient lurking from behind. What makes it even more appealing is that the black metal part is based on lo-fi atmospheric black metal, which gives the songs a bit of that edge and a nostalgic feel.  While the tempo of the EP slowly increases towards the middle of the EP, it reaches its climax in "Heliocentric Orbit", being a blasting ball of vigorous energy. Then, when you think you heard it all, the pace takes a sudden twist and slows down through transfixing melodies of "A Manipulation Of Numbers" and finishes the play with an instrumental, slow tempo, mesmerizing, and utterly romantic odyssey entitled "Absence".

Black metal has developed so drastically since its beginnings, but I daresay controversy is one of its fundamental features. What Mesarthim delivers is just that – taking black metal roots through the verge, exploring, and carefully balancing the sound. The boundaries of what black metal was 30 years ago have been pushed so far, and some have succeeded at it, some have failed, but Mesarthim simply excels at it. This is an EP, which Mesarthim followers will embrace with open arms and a must-hear for fans of black metal, open to finding new dimensions of musical realms. And if you don’t find yourself to be on the same page with it and don’t want your metal with a glimpse of electro tunes, you should try out Mesarthim’s brother, Left Horn Of The Ram.  

The review was written by Ines
Rating: 8,5/10